Monday, November 15, 2010

LE Spoilers

I am very happy to say that Stardoll has already made more LE.  I love every single piece of this collection and can't wait for them to come out!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Today in the StarPlaza there is a new shop called Principals.  Even though the actual store has not opened yet you can still get the clothes by clicking here. The total price for the cloths is a total of 66 coins, not that bad compared to so many cloths in the StarPlaza.  Another plus is that only 3 of the items are Superstar.  The black and white dress (Principals Jessica Dress), the pink dress (Principals Emilie Dress), and the flower covered dress (Lynette Dress).

Please comment below on what you think.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Grand Re-Opening!

Hello reader, if anyone is even reading this, as you can tell, this blog has lay dormant for almost half of the year.  But all that is about to change.

The reason why I stopped posting was because it was to hard to keep up with.  I was having to post at least 5 times a day with all the updates to Stardoll.  And sad to say, little help from my other writers, I just decided to quit all-together.  I am sorry I never posted a fare-well post, but I didn't really know what to say, I am truly sorry. But now that I am back into Stardoll I will be posting more, and with new writers.  Auditions start today so please mail my account (Ft5678) with your example piece of work as soon as possible.  I need at least 3 more people to help me with all this.
It needs to be:
About Stardoll, over 50 words, and has to be something recent.

Also, the Medoll Of The Week will come back starting Sunday when I have the writers.
Please Note: Each MotW are chosen by one of the writers.

I am also going to bring many new things to this site, but I still need your help.  Please comment on what you would like to see from us. It can be anything, don't be afraid to ask. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us.

I will be posting more shortly, so please be patient, comment, follow, and come back soon. =)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sonia Rykiel Tribute

A new shop came to Starplaza! Sonia Rykiel tribute.
The shop is (of course) overpriced,but it's very creative.


Who is Sonya Rykiel?
Sonya Rykiel is a fashion designer.
How old is she?
She is 70.
Where was she born?
She was born in Paris,France.

Friday, June 18, 2010

So much to say...

I am sorry for the lack of posts lately....
I have gotten so addicted to stardoll that I have been staying up all day and night playing it.  I'm trying to break that habit. I will try to post more, but at the moment all I can do is the following,

What do you think of the new layout?  I love the colors, it just pops!  I think its a lot better than the old, this one is less boring to look at =)

Also, theres a few new stores in Stardoll...

The Just Va Cavalli Tribute cloths are expensive, but pretty.  I really like most of the purses, and jackets.  I'm not to sure about everything else though.
 Also, the new Luxe makeup is finally out!  I'm not a big fan of this makeup.  Everything is WAY overpriced.  Plus, I don't think the makeup suites my doll, or some of the other peoples dolls I've seen wearing them.  Plus, the total price of the entire makeup collection is over 700 coins.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

News and Freebies!

15 new hairstyles for Superstars

The picture explains for itself.


Free Prom Dress

The way to get it is a little read the steps carefully and follow them EXACTLY
Log into stardoll as usual
Under the picture and the name of your medoll click where it says "My Account"
On the page that got open click the tab "Account Settings"
There you will find your User ID ....note the number somewhere copy this into the url with your user id right after(no space) the "=" and click enter:

A page will load
Scroll down to find this....fill the boxes(you can use fake infos to fill the boxes)

Click Submit and wait till it the next page loads...if it says you have enter something wrong fix it and click submit again...when the next page loads.....go to Stardoll as usual the dress will be in your suite....

Monday, June 14, 2010